Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Our First Harvest


One thing we did do when we got our allotment is plant lavender bushes. There are good reasons for this, and there are many tricks allotmenteers use to outwit pests - lavender and rosemary (and marigold!) are some of them. But apart from discouraging unwanted attention from pests, they are a boon for bees, and for us too! Lavender is the oldest known cure for a sleepless night



This year is the first year that the harvest of lavender was larger than our own needs, and as we picked we discussed what we could do with all this extra crop.

Well, this was the outcome - lavender sachets for sale - for you! Organically grown and proudly picked by my would-be farmers.

You can find them here in our store.



  1. really cute idea! i may sound like a total idiot but how do you put pictures in your header like that been trying for ages but can't do it! another step by step guide would be really appreciated pleeease!!!

  2. I've just taken it off ;-)
    Goto design and depending on your template it will allow you to add a picture if you click 'edit' where the title is.



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