Friday, 1 October 2010

Apples & Pears Harvest Bushel Bag


This is my new go-to bag. I referred to it over on Mu'Mu a while back - the Apples & Pears Harvest Bushel Bag which I designed and made all by my little self. (Nearly wrote 'little elf'. But of course I don't have a little elf to help me. He's on holiday.)


I had a very clear idea in my head that I wanted something strong enough for the harvest season - a bag to carry all the goodies home from the farm and allotment - something sturdy and long-lasting. With that in mind I came up with this design - a partly woven bag to give the fabric strength, as well as adding beauty to the design.



The fabric is mostly repurposed vintage bedsheets and pillowases in the autumn colourway, and the handles are crocheted in garden twine - a sturdy handle that really does carry all that weight!




I have written the instructions up and the pattern can be bought in the store as a PDF for a few pennies - (you will need a working email account so I can email you the pattern details, and you will need a PDF reader, free download from Adobe).

I had thought about offering this pattern as a free tutorial, but you know, every penny really does count in our little family. I do offer free patterns where and when possible (see the sidebar), but I hope you understand why this time I decided to sell instead of giving freely. (thanks!)





  1. Gorgeous bag, love the colours of the fabrics used, perfect for this time of year.
    Don't be ashamed at selling your pattern, I think we could all do with a few extra pennies, we certainly could! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thankyou! It's silly to feel bad about selling your work isn't it? Enjoy your weekend too - hope it's going to be drier than ours! :S

  3. strong, pretty, practical, vintage, seriously what more could you ask for in a bag? oh yeah, the ability to sew it perhaps!


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