Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Out the back door


OK, would you mind awfully if today I have a little moan? Yes, another one. You would? Really? Yeah, well too bad.

Today's post is brought to you by the number 'zero', and the word, 'frustrated'. Let me fill you in:

I live in a modest :::cough *small*::: two-bedroom house in the middle of a city. I mean, seriously, slap-bang in the middle. And for religious reasons we cannot take a mortgage (yes, I know some Muslims do, don't get me started, let's just say I believe in what I say I do and action necessarily follows, OK?), which means I will never ever be able to afford my own home (if, by 'owning' you mean 'really owned by the bank til you can't afford repayments and they kick you out and you end up on the street'). I rent and that comes with it's own cost :: namely, the size of the property isn't ideal, and I am surrounded on all sides by people piled high and I have no land for goats, chucks, bees or ducks etc.

After eight years of being here last year we decided to build a little add-on to the back for some extra breathing space - a place to go all-out crazy and hang coats up and put shoes somewhere.



Work has been going on bit-by-bit, slowly all year. And so have our hopes for this little, but much needed space.

It has risen from a place merley to put shoes, to a space to spread our homeschooling things into, to have a dedicated study/class/library space for the boys.




And it is still unfinished, but oh so tantalisingly close!! I sometimes think we'll be painting at the end of the week, and then the next day I feel as though this space will never be complete. I am so very, very frustrated!

So a favour :: some good vibes, thoughts, prayers, what-have-you our way??

I really can't wait to get into this space and make it part of our home. Hopefully the next time I talk about it we can show some progress?


And it will never be the smallholding I dream about, but this extra space will mean so much to us.


  1. Good luck! You have my prayers.

  2. THANKyou! much appreciated from a stressed out mama today!

  3. Just want to say I know exactly how you feel and you're i n my dua' :)

  4. Jzks. And amin to your heart's desire too! x

  5. sending you good vibes. xx

    Its going to be a wonderful space for you and yours.

  6. OMGoodness, i can't beleive it, i'm just in the planning process of turning a room in my 'cosy' house into a library/classroom etc etc, inspired by soulmama, can't wait to see how yours turns out! at the moment i'm stuck choosing my paint colour, any suggestions? Good luck with yours inshallah, i can feel your excitement.

  7. Our room has been in the pipeline for a loooooong time - so long I have been sometimes desperate - you know when something is almost within your grasp but you cant reach it??

    Colourwise I have some wallpaper that I will use insha'allah on one wall and the rest will be white to bring lightness and brightness to our space insha'allah - something I constantly crave in our current workspace which is oh so dark even in summer.

    Good luck in your transformation - can't wait to see what you do too!

  8. Slm alkm Debbie,
    Hmm, I know the feeling. My dad extended our house (from a 1 to a 4 bedroom) and it took a long time (I'm taking a couple of years here). It can get really frustrating (and dusty) but hang on in there, it will become a reality soon enough (insha'allah).
    (By the way, have you considered islamic mortgage / I know they are dearer but it could be an option).

  9. salam. there is no such thing as an 'islamic' mortgage - it's all game playing with words which amounts to the same thing - riba. alhamdulillah work is being RIGHT now so today I have high hopes :D


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