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After spending the beginning of autumn collecting leaves and conkers we look forward to the beginning of the rut in late October and November to share our collection with our four-legged doe-eyed friends. In fact, a whole basket full of conkers were collected just for them.

These bucks are wild, though fully conversant with humans and their apple-and-conker giving ways, and being so close to wild animals really gives my boys a reason to add a couple of inches to their smiles.

Our mext mission is getting prepared to welcome some winter birds back into our garden with homemade bird feeders - a bit of a tradition in this house. It seems in November our family has developed these traditions, over time, quite unaware that we were doing so, which help us let go of summer and autumn and ready ourselves for the impending winter months.

I love the fact that each family can make traditions in their own way, and find their own rhythm through the seasons, through life. Life can be such a merry dance if you find your own path.

How does your family begin to hunker down?


  1. Oh my word where is that place? It looks amazing and what an experience to interact with such beautiful creatures.
    This time of year finds us exploring our park by torch light an coming home for hot chocolate.

  2. Ooh that's brave - I daren't go in our park sometimes in daylight! lol, but I like the idea of torchlit walks... maybe we could do something similar on bonfire night...

  3. For us it's mediated by Halloween - my husband loves Halloween - so out come the pumpkins! And Scary Movie Month, which Buddy is too young for now but we have a collection of "scary" kids movies for later, and then of course it's Thanksgiving here as well with everything that goes along with that. And the light changes so beautifully in Chicago in the fall...

  4. Yeah, I suppose we do Bonfire Night more than halloween (uh which we don't acknowledge), but I wish we had a thanksgiving over here like you guys do. Historically every village would have a harvest festival, but nothing really has survived as a traditional holiday. A shame, really. A perfect end to autumn, don't you think?

  5. sorry, I read 'rut' as in the rut we get stuck in ie the onslaught of Winter. But it seems your in a more positive mood than me, despite the clocks going back etc. The autumn leaves are so much better/stunning inthe flesh doncha think? I am just posting some autumn pics and the light descending from those grey skies doesnt do them justice!

  6. Yeah piccies don't do autumn justice. I love being out in it all!


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