Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Things They Say; The Things They Do

Me :: (in the car) Honey? You know this shopping mall we're going to is new?

Eldest :: Yes?

Me :: And you know it's on reclaimed land-fill?

Eldest :: Yes?

Me :: That means, once a land fill site is full, they bulldoze over it, clean it up, turf it, tarmac and make it useful again by building something on it?

Eldest :: YES?

Me :: Well, could you tell people the name of the mall we buy our stuff from? Instead of telling people we go to the rubbish dump for our stuff?

*** *** ***


  1. hahahahahahah kids!! I love your insight! I've on and off again silently stalking(erm reading) your stuff for about a year or so. Keep it up you CAN and will suceed InshaAllah

  2. hahaha. thats is funny. bless him!


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