Saturday, 4 December 2010

Thankful For...

We are sick. And I mean SICK, with a capital SI.

We've been hit with this crazy winter vomiting bug that's going around.

The children are fine during the day and then turn into extras from The Exorcist during the night with forms of projectile vomiting I have yet to understand.
This means that, as well as being sick myself, I have also got towels and bedsheets to wash constantly (and have done so for the past five days).
If that wasn't enough the drier thought it would be the perfect time to show us how under-appreciated he was by dying. Oh Lord.

So even though I have lists as long as my arms of things I want to do, I am accepting that life is telling me to slow down. So for now, a short blog break, and I leave you with some things that I am truly grateful for ::

:: Amazing blog mama's who share their lives with us, Eren, Erin and Blair are those keeping me company and giving me comfort right now.

:: Friends, my online friends, who take the time to ask 'how are you?', to give sympathy, to make me laugh to give me great advice (coca cola? seriously, who knew). People who truly lift me up and keep me afloat in little ways that they are probably unaware of.

:: Family, who take the time to pick up my latest must-haves (in this case a spinning wheel on ebay) for me when I am too far to do it myself. Oh yes, soon, Diane, that hank of yarn we talked about and I bailed on really may be yours. Although, you know, two years late. Whatever.

:: Amazon oh yes

:: My postman. Who wears shorts all year round. And knocks and waits and makes jokes even though life in the city is usually sour with sour strangers. And knows the front door never gets opened and waits at the window like it's normal. He wears shorts all year round though.... hm....

:: My babes - does that need said? They're amazing people. Little people, but amazing masha'allah.

And also? Eye candy - magazines and books are internet crafting that just makes me ooh and ahh.

And you! Of course!

Any crafty lovely links you'd like to share - I'd appreciate it!


  1. allah give you you shifa! right now, i'm in love with the slowcooker

    we're getting over sickness too. tis the season

  2. slowcookers and microwaves - how did people manage without them?!

  3. Oh my that sounds horrible - so sorry! There is nothing worse than the flu, especially in the laundry department. I hope you feel better soon! Hugs to you and your little ones. Lisa L.

  4. Its one of the great mysteries of life, why kids choose to throw up everywhere at night!
    I hope you are all feeling better soon. x.


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