Saturday, 15 January 2011

As requested

As requested I have finally updated my About page to include some words on Why I Converted to Islam.


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  2. truely fascinating, Masha Allah

  3. Assalamo alakium,

    JazekAllah khairan for sharing. I've knowm many "anti-religion" people who came to Islam. SuhanAllah Allah has softened even the hardest of hearts!

    on a side note, where is the geometric thingy (material?) that you are embroidering from? We are doing about geometry so i'd love to get my hands on some.

  4. The embroidery is linen which I've drawn on with a fabric pen - took a lot of measuring and drawing so no easy template!! Got the pattern ideas from traditional sashiko work.

  5. Such a beautiful answer. Thank you for sharing it. Lisa L.

  6. Sis i love your story, i almost feel like hugging you and then giving you a high five! It seems that pre-islam we were both similar people, i had a deep irritation for religious 'fools' who wouldnt think outside the box, and i chose to read the Quran to pick it apart and alert Muslims to the real world. And of course i failed, and realised, and cried, and accepted the truth. Alhamdulillah, we truly were saved. xx

  7. that all rather depends on whether our life's work is accepted or rejected. i dont feel saved. i feel incompetent most of the time.

  8. Assalamu Alikom wa rahmatullah,

    mashallah sister, you have expressed in such beautiful and powerful words your reasons to convert to Islam. When you were talking about your background, or the way you were raised I felt as though you'd be talking about myself! Our stories were very similar in that sense although my conversion story is rather different. In short, I converted because I fell in love with a muslim man but have stayed a muslim even after him (alhamdullilah). I was wondering if I could publish a link to your article on my facebook profile, so that I can explain (with your words which put it better than I ever could, mashallah) things to people with whom I seem not to be able to get past the "yawning" stage of women in Islam, as well as to my brother who does not seem to get over the fact that I am a muslim. I'd be most grateful. Barakallahua fik for your efforts.


  9. salam, yes that's fine. hope it helps inter-family relations! ;-)


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