Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Something Warm


I started knitting this cardigan for the midget on Friday. It's the Scrap Cardigan {details to follow on Ravelry}. By Monday evening I was weaving the ends in. It's a ridiculously easy knit.


However, it became apparent that I didn't have enough green yarn to finish the job (why this hadn't occured to me *before* I started knitting I have no idea) and I had to invent, and then implement, Plan B.

Plan B, as it turned out, was having different coloured sleeves and rib, and really only this creamy white would do.



The buttons were also in the stash, who knew, and I surprised myself by finding ten identical matching buttons, because honestly? I didn't know I had *any* that matched, and was fully prepared to have this cardigan ruined by a hobo ecclectic button detail.


But imagine my smugness when the yarn debacle and button fiasco was resolved and what I ended up with was a cardigan that looked better than I thought it would (much better than Plan A version).

A smugness which was quickly quashed when my mini-man tried it on, and showed me he is bigger than I imagined him to be. Ever so slightly....



Maybe I should have knit a guage? Or bought more yarn? Or been prepared entirely before the knit began?

Oh *sure* if I hadn't wanted to *boring* about it. But miss all the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type craft I live on?! No way.

And it still does fit... and I'm sure he'll wear it out before I have a chance to hand it down. At least he has some Mama-made warmth for these last few weeks of winter...

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  1. It looks great. Love the green & white combo. I've just started a little cardi for my little one in bright red with glitter (I like strong colours) and I hope it will turn out as nicely as yours - although I'm sure it's gonna take me much longer than 5 days to knit it!!

  2. Thankyou Maz! Small knits are so satisfying to knit, aren't they? I'm sure your mini-man will love it no matter what it looks like!

  3. It's actually a little girl and she chose the yarn herself. She liked it so much (the yarn) that she refused to hand it to the cashier at the till.

  4. You know, as soon as I wrote that I knew it was a girl... silly me. Glad she likes it so much. Last time I asked the boys to pick out yarn one picked flurescent orange and one picked day-glo green. I vetoed them both for obvious reasons.

  5. Hum, that could be quite cool in the dark. Maybe you should have indulged them and knit them each a little vest. Just kidding.

  6. They would have stopped traffic in them - literally. People would stop and wait for them to change to green...

  7. How nice! I wish I were a neighbour down the street so you could hand it down to me :) but I'm quite some miles away :(
    I've been meaning to tell you that I started knitting after all; so far, I made a hat for my oldest munchkin. It took me a week! I'm planning making another one for one of my girls and see if I can move on to something else. I would post some pics of my hat on my blog when I get a chance. Take a look, after all, I started knitting inspired by you, mashallah.

  8. *Blushes* oh wow, that is SO great! there is nothing like making your family warm with handmade things is there? Keep at it one stitch at a time and ANYTHING can be knit!! Going to check out your hats....

  9. that is so funky! love it!!

  10. Very nice cardigan! I like the spring green.

  11. Thankyou Kata! I was trying to think of the name of this colour green and you've nailed it - spring green. But the midget says he wants red next time .... no pleasing some folks...


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