Thursday, 6 January 2011

Trying to Find My Mojo :: Trying to Find The Cosy






You know how I said the Winter Blues hadn't got to me this year? Yeah, well, I think they were plotting behind my back and planning on ganging up on me when I wasn't looking. I am really, really done with Winter now. I need sunlight; I need the grey to stop already.

Luckily full spectrum daylight bulbs are saving my sanity and taking the urge to kill people from red alert down to soft amber. Valerian and skullcap are doing the rest. I try to occupy my little brain with fussing over corners of the house - easing slowly into our new space. Arranging, rearranging, finding new corners, needing new input. Trying to make this house a home.

New ideas brewing, old ideas put to bed. Already making plans for the allotment, seeds already ordered and bedside reading has returned to permaculture and homesteading.

But right now - right now I have the February Funk early.... oh lord...


  1. Oh, yes, I understand it, too. Also I need more sunlight. I'm always too lazy to buy spectrum daylights, also they're here very expensive, I mean for me too expensive.
    I like the old camera (ehm, seems for me like one) on the last image, is it still working? It's a great idea to use the old wood basket as a shelf, yep, this looks cozy :-)
    I have a terrace with no sun at all, even in summer there is never sun. So, I had trouble to plant my *babies* I wanted, so this means I have a lot of seeds leftover from organic farms like Demeter. If you like I could send you some, especially the Siberian paprika I can recommend. My plants blooming so much (inside), even with no sun. But I have too many seeds I can't use from last year.

  2. Yes bulbs are expensive here too - I get mine off ebay! Good old ebay.
    The old camera I think is still working but I haven't got any film to try it. Maybe one day. I love old cameras. They're so pretty.
    Oh wow, that is such a generous offer! I wouldn't want you to incur any cost on my account though.
    And today not only is it grey - it is *pouring* with rain too.... I am done with winter...

  3. Love your little corners. I'm just toying with how to display Lily's vintage camera collection.

  4. well ours have to quite high up to avoid investigative little hands...

  5. This time of year is miserable. You can only plan things but not really do them because its too cold, dark, wet... Don't worry it'll be Spring soon. x.

  6. Hard to hold onto spring when the blues hit. I'm not so bad today :D so that's all good. I think a new sofa would definitely put me in a better mood... hm

  7. Don't worry, there won't be much cost. Seeds are almost as light as feathers and shipping from here to you is almost around the corner via normal letter stamp ;-) Also I would be happy to give someone who can really use it, Some friends got seeds, too. But nobody really has a garden and my parents (they have a huge garden) are not much interested in organic gardening.

  8. Wow, great. I'll email you my details then - thankyou so much!


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