Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Colour. *Everywhere*










It's undeniable; the season has shifted. The blue skies and warm sun arouse not only animals out of hibernation, but the human spirit too.

People are smiling, nodding to one another, as if to say, 'we made it through that winter, good times are back again'. Trees are budding, blossom has started to bloom, the birds are belting out all-time classics that haven't had a dusting down for a few months.

And the beautiful colours of spring and summer are everywhere, and the sun that illiminates them ever more brightly is stretching it's muscles, and I can feel a shift in my energy levels (from absolute zero to pootling-along), and need for a change in crafts too. It's been a satisfying knitathon this winter, and really, sitting by the fire in a warm chair, with warm blankets with warm tea and yarn - would I have wanted to be anywhere else?

But now the sun is out, the sewing machine looks at me with it's sad doe-eyes wondering what it has done so wrong as to be imprisoned for so long, and the needs for spring clothes, picnic blankets (OK, technically not a need since we have so many now, but does that matter? I think not), bags, totes, an excuse to sit in front of the machine and stare out of the window - these needs call to me loud and strong. Oh how I have missed whimsical crafting. And as much as I enjoy the necessity of warming the family in winter, it is so nice to have a time to do fun things for no other reason than 'because'.

Bring it on.

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  1. It's been snowing in Carlisle today...

  2. Ah, so rejuvenating! I can hardly wait for the green things to start poking their little faces out around here!

  3. every year spring comes and it's like we've never seen it before - such a wonderful surprise each time.

  4. Can't wait for my spring to come along! At least one more month for that to happen in these cold land :(


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