Saturday, 19 March 2011

You *love* me, you REALLY *love* me...

Thankyou kindly for my award, Flora&Purl. Quel honneur; I'm still fanning myself as I've never been awarded in anything in MY LIFE before.

You may also have noticed IF YOU LOVE ME that blogging has been a bit sparse this week. And for this I am terribly sorry. Life sometimes has a way of kicking your legs out from under you. I will be away for a little while attending to other matters and hopefully have something to say when I return - and who knows, maybe even another free knitting pattern for you all. If you promise to be good while I am away and not fight. Promise?

OK.... then we will see....

*** *** ***


  1. Hi!

    Wowsers, you are a feisty one. I'm compelled to read more. You've made me laugh, smile, gasp and frown in the space of 5 minutes. I think I'm going to enjoy you!


  2. Am i?! People say that but I dont know why. Frown??! Oh no! Why?? *flicks through pages* ... oh well, just glad you've found me :)


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