Thursday, 7 April 2011

Blue & Yellow


Ignoring for a while the debris and destruction that awaited my return yesterday (can I just say, again, that three males in one house - albeit, or perhaps because, two of them are mini-men - come second only in line to forces of nature and acts of God in their destructive ability and devastation-causing ways. Dust, crunchy carpets, smelly bedsheets, a film of smeared grease over the kitchen, the smell of a byre and two children who hadn't been bathed in TEN days... OH. MY.), I want to ignore the immense amount of work I have done on my return and the mountain-load left to tackle (I am so tired) and instead do that squinting-eye thing I do to focus my mojo on the positive, pretty things in life. Play along and pretend dirty windows are de rigeur OK? OK. This vintage, kick ass plate was gifted to me by a sister I have never met in the flesh but who, on occasions too numerous to count, sends me the most amazing things to make me happy. Her thoughfulness never fails to hit it's mark, and I was once again reeling and agog at the most beautiful, delicate gift I had ever received.

It's aqua, it's vintage, it's ceramic and it's a stop-you-in-your-tracks kind of pretty that had an immediate impact on not only my mood but the course of decor choices in my kitchen!



Sure, we have blue in my kitchen - aqua, duck-egg, creams and whites - but never coupled with yellow. And that one little detail made my heart pitter-patter and I was smitten with the combination. Aqua and yellow.... oh yes.


So I've been shoe-horning little bits of yellow in here and there in the intention of carrying this combo through.



It's even affecting my thrifting!




Not that I'm complaing one little bit.

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  1. I hope that your father's burial went as well as it could. The plate is beautiful, I love the detail's of the rose and the colour of yellow is wonderful.

  2. Yes thankyou Saphy. It was a very dignified funeral with a church full of friends, family and colleagues. Simple, but beautiful.

  3. What a stunning plate- you really deserved such a pretty gift. I adore the colour combinations and your wallpaper is divine! x

  4. Thankyou kindly Madam! It's a very dark room but having pretty things takes the edge off the gloom!

  5. really pretty colours..lovely blog...i am glad i popped by from Oslo!

  6. And I am glad you popped by from Oslo too!

  7. oooooooooooo i bought the gravy jug that matches your little bowl with the yellow flowers on, this week from the charity shop...75p...bargain...and even though it will never hold enough gravy for the 5 of us...i just had to have it!!!!!!! XXX

  8. Oh well done! I love treasure hunting; such a cheap thrill! :)

  9. You have some lovely present sending sisters!
    How you diddling my dear?

  10. I have, haven't I? I am really fortunate and blessed with good friends, most of whom I've never met IRL.

    I'm OK. I have my moments of missing him and regretting this and that, but mostly OK. Keeping very busy and sending him my love.

    Thanks for asking. How are you and yours?

  11. 'de rigeur'? what're you doing using fancy words like that eh? I had to look it up!;-))
    That is a nice bowl, masha-Allah, simply crying out to be used to make a summer pudding - not that I've ever made one...

  12. Oh I'm dead posh me. I use fancy words all the time. Makes me feel important :P

  13. bless that mama friend for sure ~ those plates are delicious.

  14. Your kitchen is simply lovely. I stumbled here via Ravelry and am so glad that I did. Your blog is wonderful and I have enjoyed spending some time here. Thank you for all the sweet inspiration. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    The Heart in Hand Project

  15. Wow, thankyou Kelly. That is so sweet of you to take the time to say such nice things (right now my kitchen is covered in crumbs and lego but hey, I can pretend) :)


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