Monday, 18 April 2011

Colour Blind


So. We had discussed it over the winter months - the time to redecorate the boys' room was fast approaching with Springtime around the corner. Their room had been slowly sliding into a midden for a while and an overhaul was long overdue, and this weekend winter plans were dusted down and made real.



In my mind I had envisaged duck egg, or antique silver with cream trim. Maybe a manly mint and grey combo?




Yeah... and that's the thing with raising freerange kids - they have, like, minds of their own, and can be mighty firm in their identities and decisions... short-hand for :: the boys didn't want duck egg blue or antique silver with cream trim. Oh no. They wanted cardinal red, bermuda blue and tropical lime green.

I managed to talk them off the cardinal-red ledge but they were not budging on the blue-green combo...




On one hand I'm impressed with their ability to compromise, make decisions, know what they want and be grateful for the redecorating. On the other hand? Well, on the other hand, I have tropical lime green in my house, people.




Come on in!






The boys were VERY happy - pleased as punch - giggling and hopping on one foot kinda happy. I am accepting it gracefully - I mean, not everybody has a room that matches a LeapPad do they? I have plans for one or two accessories to add to the room - art on the walls - a couple of cushions, maybe another floor quilt - perhaps I'll get to finish off those mama-made hand-sewn quilts that are STILL on the WIP pile (and as an aside - a bright orange quilt really will match this room nicely yes?).

It has a carnival feel to it, and the fact that it makes my babes happy is more than enough reason for me to love it too.

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  1. Looks great, well done. A proper boy's room.

  2. I'm surprised but it is actually quite a nice combination! Way to go boys. Lisa L.

  3. Yeah, in a crazy way it works. I think I'll tell them that when they're too old to say 'I told you so'....

  4. I think they have good taste. For a boys room that was a nice combination of colours.

  5. Hm... well the midget did say 'mummy, NEXT time you paint our room...' and after I'd finished laughing he said, 'next time I want it black, with stars on'.... okaaaay so now they want Sistine Chapel type decorating going on....

  6. This is my favorite color combination, ever since I was a tyke and had 60's wool carpet in our living room with the two colors woven together. I'd say their taste is impeccable. ; ) And the orange will be delightful!!!! You are a good mama to let them be who they be! ; )

  7. I love this. We've had some *interesting* colour combos here too. And then there were the kids' choices...

  8. :P I think the green-blue is doable. I just dont know how the cardinal red would have fit in.... oh and they want a black ceiling....

  9. the blue and green does look good together! So when are you going to paint the stellar ceiling - *runs and ducks* ;)

  10. *checks temperature* no, hell hasn't frozen over yet


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