Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Newspaper Man








This week my little inventor has decided he wants to be a 'newspaper man', a journalist or reporter if you will. And so, that's just what he's been doing ALL week - from straight after breakfast before even getting on clothes, he's out there on the typewriter, clickety-clacking the news away all day long.

We have many editions and issues of The News, and after each one is hot off the press I am asked to read it, as he stands now as Editor assessing the story so far.

When he is happy I am then asked to provide drawings for the stories, and woe betide me if the picture is not good enough....

I love working with this little man. I love being with him, someone who thinks and believes he can do ANYTHING. I wonder when I stopped thinking I could? It's amazing to be swept up in his belief - the belief that anything is possible...

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  1. Love this entry. Just love it. What a wonderful little man you have. ; )

  2. I have two wonderful men, but this little guy makes me smile like no one else :)

  3. Did I ever tell you I have a blog or two also? I can't remember.
    Anyway if you want to check it out my kind of daily blog....
    It is kind of a stream of consciousness thing where I just celebrate simple things. ; )

  4. thankyou, will go and check it out :)


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