Monday, 30 May 2011

Practical Sewing


There has been a flurry of sewing activity around here these last few days. I'm almost all sewed out! There just seems a whole heap of things that *need* sewing, mended, fixed, redone, and of course the boys do insist on keeping on growing masha'allah...


This tartan blanket fabric was a thrifty score, and I knew exactly what I intended to make with it - a new dressing gown for the Eldest who literally destroyed his last one (no idea, before you ask).

The sewing pattern was a vintage American Simplicity pattern, all in all less than half an hours work all told.


The old punk in me reflects that once upon a time I might have worn this as a coat, coupled with my ox-blood DMs. If only *my* mother would have made me kick ass things like this...

My son declares he hates it. Too scratchy. I don't care. I will bide my time til the real cold weather returns and watch with smug satisfaction as he wears it with real appreciation.

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  1. Ya, I'd wear that now with red tights and mary janes. Cute. Love the blue buttons. Nice touch. ; )

  2. Our kids just don't appreciate us...


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