Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thrifty Finds

I think you know by now how much thrifting is a part of our way of life as much as anything else around here. Apart from the ecological reasons to reuse things still with life, there is the strong aesthetic reason to thrift too. My choice in decor has always been mid-century, and I love anything that reminds me of my childhood and my nana. It makes good sense to buy 'the real thing' rather than a replica. I have written about that before here.

I like to think of thrifting as modern-day 'treasure hunting' - never knowing what's out there, hoping to find something that makes your heart pitter patter, and sometimes, if you're very lucky, to find something that you've been looking for!

I can count on one hand (literally) the amount of things in our house that have been bought new. Most things in our home have been pre-loved, and it's the sense of carrying that story over into a new chapter that really makes me love thrifting most of all.












And the pyrex! Oh I'm ashamed to admit to how much pyrex lays hidden in my cupboards.

But whether it's ornamental, functional or decorative I'm genuinely happy at how ecclectic our home has become; a little haven for all 'forsaken souls' and, of course, a lot of financial gain for us!

So how about you? What treasures have you found recently?

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  1. I love the 'nana' look, mu nan had a butter dish just like yours :)

  2. :) funny thing is, my nana was dead modern for her day - if she was still alive she wouldn't have any of this old crap in her house lol!

  3. You've taken me down memory lane, my mum also had the same butter dish (probably still does, tucked away somewhere!).

  4. Then you must find it and squirrel it away to your own home!

  5. Funny...the butter dish spoke to me too! Love it. We are similar in the thrift category. I love items with a history, even a nick or two, or a patina. Makes me feel cozy. You, as always, have excellent colour choices.
    ; )

  6. I'm such a fan of mid-century design. I love the mirror and the butter dish.

    But, oh, those wooden shoes! Those really take me back to my childhood. I always wanted to live in Holland and wear wooden shoes.

  7. yeah, clogs were a big thing way back when I was a kid too - not wooden ones like those, but still...

  8. So very much like our home! And -- we have almost the same biscuits jar (thrifted, of course)! It even says "biscuits" which may confuse Arlo at some point, as I make some pretty mean American-style biscuits, which will never make their way into the jar :) You can make it out in this photo:

  9. I love that picture, Lisa. Such simple beauty. We need to see more pictures of your home! xx


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