Monday, 10 October 2011

Catching my wheezy breath...



It had to happen I suppose. It always does. After a heady week and a half of the return of summer, autumn returned and brought with it a dose of the sniffles.

We're all ill, bunged up, sore throated, shivering and hurting. Only rest brings ease. But as a consequence we had to miss the Autumn fair this year. I'm a bit bummed by that. But worse? The most terrible news of all?? My dream farm has been bought ... *sobs* ... illness I can handle, a break in tradition I can get over, but having my dreams broken??! Gah!

I'm only half joking. I suppose this is what happens when we fall in love with the World instead of what is Real. Silly me. Onwards and upwards.

So cheer me up - how was YOUR weekend? How are YOUR dreams coming along... I really would love to know...


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  1. is that lichen? They are exquisite photos. So sorry to hear about the farm - we have all our family and friends with their fingers crossed so that no one buys our dream house (dump) 'cause we won't be ready for at least another year. It just wouldn't be fair - we've already planned the order of the renovation (fix the gas leak so that it can be reconnected and replace the missing roof tiles - anything is possible after these two things are done), laid out the garden, chosen the paint colours and arranged the cane chairs on the front verandah. I'm very indignant on your behalf and hope you all get better real soon.

  2. Yes it's lichen. I love that colour. Oh I am crossing my fingers for you! Hope you get your dream home!! xo

  3. Awww... hope you feel better soon, we're still enjoying our warm days and expecting a turn in the weather by mid-week, I never know what to clothe my children with anymore, a day could start gloomy and rainy and end warm and shiny. As for the farm house, InshAllah something much better and perhaps even cheaper will come your way ;)

  4. Well right now my children are clothes in PJs and dressing gowns - but this weather really confuses me!


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