Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yarn Obsessions



I am itching for knitting time. I do try to knit whenever there is a spare moment, but there is one drawback to knitting (for me) - my reach exceeds my grasp, or something like that. I cannot afford the yarn I would happily spend my winter munching through.

I have lists of things I would happily knit - people I would happily for. But I have to use my pennies wisely and pick my projects with one eye on my paypal balance (£0.00 in case you were wondering...)

And to top it all off, the yarn I do have on these sticks I'm not even liking all that much. I don't like green things on me so why did I buy it this spruce colour at all?? I don't know.

I really have to learn to spin. Soon.

What's on your sticks these days?

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  1. Aassalamu alaikum,
    What is it? What are you knitting? I love green !
    Umm M,Y,A,I,KandlittleY.(Umm Yusuf)

  2. Assalamu alaikum

    It's a sweater for me that I've been knitting fo' EVA

  3. It is amazing...I am in awe of all the needles going in the top photo!!!! Sell the sweater! Then you will have more pennies to buy yourself something you love!!! :) Happy knitting!

  4. Oh no. it's not good enough to sell! thanks for your confidence in me though! :)

  5. Assalamu alaikum, the colour is beautiful...Insha'Allah you will fall in love with it once you are wearing it! I have nothing on my sticks! Waiting for the inside temperatures, even with AC on, to drop below 30 before I can even think about wool in my hands! I so miss the crafting therapy! Wish I could zip over and get you started with easy once you get the rhythm going. Insha'Allah follow up with a Spinners and Weavers group if you are not progressing alone with it :)
    I keep marvelling at the amazing progress you have made with all things crafty in such a short space of time :) Masha'Allah!
    Wassalamu alaikum

  6. assalamu alaikum
    Yes its the rhythm! apparently I have none! went for a lesson with a spinner who was getting quietly irritated by my lack of co-ordination... wish you lived near by!

  7. Man.............. I wish we lived closer!

  8. I think this green is quite lovely! :) Can't wait to see what you're making there!
    I have a few projects going, slippers and a scarf for gifting and there's a vest for me too (last one to be picked up because it's such a long, big project, it seems).
    Happy knitting!

  9. I like the color. I have been drooling over a natural pigment called maya blue, almost the same color. I shall get some as soon as I know what I need it for. ;)

    On my sticks I have a "lacy baktus" shawl from black merino. Maybe it should be called lazy baktus, I started abou a year ago... :/

  10. Oh I like that colour. Very nice. This one is the colour as a spruce... not me. I thought it would be more blue than it is...

    Yeah, this has been a year in the making too!


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