Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Peachy AND Perfect










If you have never visited dear old Tif, then stop what you are doing and do so now. For Tif Fussell is the veritable queen of granny chic and her gleeful handiwork will lift your gloom no matter how hard winter is trying to kill you early.

I dip in and out of Dottie Angel as and when. Right now I'm dipped, and to cheer myself up this past Eid I bought myself a present (see above) - her book, "Dottie Angel the Peachy Crafty World of Tif Fussell". Page after page after page of vintage goodness and lovely handiwork. Her blog in book format to be sure, but a joy to flick through.

Usually when I buy things it never lives up to its hype but this book is just beautiful beginning to end. I hope one day to join the ranks of my granny dears like Tif and Ted and Agnes, and I pore over the Flickr Granny Chic mesmerized. And never once do I leave empty handed - the colour, the detail and the joy of these women's crafting is infectious and I am always buoyed by the experience.

{and on another note you should see my kick ass thrifted vintage sideboard I bought yesterday - Facebook friends you can have a sneaky peek - but the rest of you wait 'til tomorrow!!}

This book can be purchased direct from Tif's etsy store, Dottie Angel.

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  1. oh thank you kindly! i am so happy to be mentioned alongside my fine and dandy buddy Rachelle from T&A :) and my dear, you are yourself one of the best granny chic crafters i have come across. so delighted my book is spending quality time in your hands :)

  2. It resides on bedside table like a Bible...


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