Thursday, 8 December 2011

Granny Granny






There seems to be an increase in granny related crochet around these parts. I'm finding the craft speedy and pretty as I search for warmth now that winter has decided it really will fall this year.

I admit it; these relatively warm weeks have lulled me into a laziness and a false belief that we have enough blankets, mittens, scarves, cosies etc etc BUT WE DO NOT - we never will. Never will the need to make blankets leave my mind until I have a house bundled to the rafters with them like those mad women who collect newspapers and when they die firefighters have to force their way into the building and hack a tunnel through the amassed paper to retrieve the body (imagination running away with me ... chocolate rush, I apologise) before they discover that she died from a column of newspaper falling on her crushing her to death. That will be my fate. Except with blankets - I will suffocate on quilts and blankets and my life will be held up as a moral - not as a shining example, but as a terrible warning.

Unless global warming lulls me into a false sense of security by making winter so warm that I am too busy making fly swats to make slippers. Like this year. Winter just crept up so sneakily, and now I am playing catch up - knitting much too slow - we are sewing and crocheting our way to cosiness.

I don't think crochet will ever replace my love for knitting, but it's coming pretty damn close...

Now must make blankets, and covers and mittens, oh my!

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  1. love the cushion, I keep trying at crochet but keep failing :/
    you know that photo looks very magazine like :)

  2. That'll be because I live in a magazine-spread style house... and because I purposely didnt include the shot of my half broken clothes horse with mountain of wet clothes, crunchy carpets or lego all over it...

  3. First the grey couch, then the Orla papered tray, then the console...You keep making me covet your furniture. ; ) The tulip stool, the Eames chair.....
    When you get your farm house I must venture across the sea to see it in person. I imagine it will be a MCM museum full of delight and coziness.
    ; )

  4. Ah, well here's hoping! If ever do get that farmhouse you will be more than welcome to stay a while :)

  5. Wow! One day I´ll make them too. I am far too busy with sewing right now. Check out this finnish granny crochet group for more inspiration:

  6. Crochet is so quick, but sewing is quicker! Would love to make more pieces in colourful granny squares like this. thanks for the link!

  7. Get those beautiful crochet circles onto hair clips and headbands...I have some willing buyers here!


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