Monday, 19 December 2011

Signing Off

Hello : Goodbye

I'm signing off blogging for a little while. Hopefully I will be back in this space in the new year (2012!? Eek!!). I'm feeling run-down, under-the-weather, uninspired and all that jazz. Maybe a break from a few things will do me some good.

I leave you with some links, though.

The Whole Food Kitchen Online Workshop
- starts 6. Feb. registration is open now - 'bring a friend' offer is still open for a few more days, so why not gift someone you love to the workshop too?

Monkey Business
- my sister's blog. Why not go and say 'hi', I know she'd appreciate it. She's also opened an online store because she make so many stuffies she's running out of people to give them to! Knock Your Socks Off is her store...

Flora and Purl is making me feel all homely and warm. Why not pop by and soak up some granny chic goodness too?

If you just want some eye candy, then drop by my Pinterest Boards and Flickr Favourites for an uplifting mood buzz...

Dottie Angel
continues to inspire. Go and say 'hi' and check out her 12 days of joyfulness tutorials.

And finally, my store, still open. Will add some new things in the new year.... keep popping back...

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmastime and New Year. May 2012 be our best year yet!

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  1. I hope you have a nice and peaceful break. And I hope that you find lots of inspiration for 2012. I will miss you. Hugs Lisa L.

  2. as above, hope you get a break - can empathise with feeling run down and uninspired. xx

  3. Thankyou ladies :) I don't know if I'll feel recharged by then - it feels like we've been ill FOREVER .... but be on top of the laundry after endless vomitting-at-night sessions? - that would be good...

  4. I´m sending you *energy for recharging* and wish you a happy new year! :)

  5. Oh I so understand - 3 trips to the ER for medication reactions, 2 trips to the clinic for my knee, 2 doctor's appointments, beginning insulin, a cracked tooth, a botched root canal and an-over-one-hour-had-to-cut-the-bone extraction, topped off with dry socket. That had been my last 3 weeks. I'm so done with it all. Bring on 2012. PLEASE!!! Lisa L.

  6. Good grief, Lisa. That sounds just awful. I hope the worst is behind you. Right now I feel as week as a kitten - it's horrible when the whole house is sick at the same time, isn't it? Wishing you and yours a peaceful (and healthy!) xmas and new year xx

  7. Oh I do hope everyone feels better soon. I woke up with a sore throat - now a cold to deal with too. When the mamma isn't well, everyone notices. Still hoping maybe just maybe I will have the energy to get through and make it all happen. I really enjoyed your blog this year. Thank you! Hugs

  8. I just found your blog through SouleMama. It's fantastic. I really like your sense of humor. I hope you come back refreshed. Go make a bunch of things that are really difficult. I always find that when I need a pick me up, I make some food dish, or craft project that requires me to learn some new technique and when it's done i always feel better. Happy Holidays!

  9. Right now I would settle for feeling plain ol' bored rather than flat out steam-rollered. But you're right, a challenge would be a good new year opener...


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