Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rain or Shine





Keeping sane with knitting through sick days, gloomy days, boring days and flat out busy days. I love this yarn, I don't really want this knit to end. But I have others waiting in the wings for more of my attention, dreams and time... that's the beauty of this craft...it just never gets old.

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  1. what kind of stove is that? is it wood burning?
    understand your days fully. found you via soulemama a while back.

  2. Oh I wish! If this were our house and I had the money I'd have Jotul in in no time. This is just an electric heater. :(

  3. I completely understand. :) There is never a project too far from my reach.

  4. Hi also have found your blog recently. Am enjoying visiting it. Thank you for your posts. Especially like the idea of beeswax candles.

  5. Yes,I seem to have projects dotted around the house within reach at all times. Thnakyou Julia. Glad you like them - so easy to make.

  6. I am so happy to be learning! I have made alot of progress on my pillow cover, and today, after work, stopped and picked up some lovely Alpaca yarn, and 3 new sets of bamboo needles! It is so enjoyable..I, like you, always prefer to have at least one project going at all times:) Your project is looking lovely...I will have to catch up on your posts to see if you mention what you are creating:)

  7. Yay! Well done! I knew you could do it. Relaxing, isn't it? I'm working up a new pattern I've designed for sale.... More on that when it's done.


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