Monday, 6 February 2012

A Brief Encounter








This weekend winter payed us a brief visit. I like snow for about five minutes and then I'm so over it. I love it when it's new - all quiet, no footprints, everything fresh. Then when the kids have smashed it and wrecked it and shoved every last inch of snow down the neighbourhood's kids backs, I'm done.

Although it has had the effect of making me knit more. Curious.

Hoping that spring and summer hurry on their way. I'm so over winter.

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  1. Yep! I feel exactly the same :)

  2. I'm just not a winter person....

  3. Me too! We have not had a normal winter at all..Hardly any snow. So, it is just cold, and gray and muddy! I am dreaming of Spring and the garden...

  4. Hey, I prefer it to sleet or rain. When my eldest was 6 we had a winter with snow for only one week. It was awfull. All that sand coming in. No thanks, not for me...

    ps. Here in Espoo it was -25°C this sunday. :/

  5. Yes we've had an extremely mild winter tooo - warmest on record I think. Most years snow doesn't arrive til February, but I've never known spring flowers through so early. -25°C is a real winter isnt it? Until now we've had no snow, no sleet, no rain - if it wasn't for the short days you wouldn't have known it was winter at all!

  6. We're having almost no snow here either...I'm no big fan of winter myself, but if we have to have it, like Kata, I prefer it to sleet and ice just stinks. At least the kids can play in the snow.

  7. I love your snowy photos! Ours shall probably all be gone in a couple of days, weve had rain and it seems warm outside so it was a quick show unfortunately :-(
    aqeela xx

  8. Our has already gone. Not that I'm complaining. And just to clarify - I absolutely do NOT think that about mummies who send their kids to school OK?? I am a bitch but I'm not a complete moron. xx


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