Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mama Knits







The Scrap Cardigan is done. Woop. A totally mindless knit from beginning to end, hardly no time at all and with a few weavings of sticks and a little patience et voila - something from nothing. It's almost witchcraft.

The midget declared he likes it and now the eldest wants his cardigan ASAP. No hardship at all - a little bit of mama witchery and some weaving of those magic sticks and hopefully he too will have a weird-looking cardigan of his very own. How easily pleased my babes are; how lucky I am to have children with zero interest in fashion quite content to wear anything so long as it makes them look like escaped convicts or a cartoon character. I wonder how long it will be before they get a clue and refuse me to make them things? Perhaps even burying the evidence that they wore such monstrosities... I'd better get it while the good times are good and knit like I've never knit before... I feel a lot more stripes in our future!

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  1. I love it! My boys would love it too (especially the convict theme), too bad mama can't knit yet...

  2. that is awesome in a dozen ways!!! and i always have to use anonymous, cuz it won't take my typepad sign on.

  3. i love it...oh, how i do love stripes.....


  4. Anon who are you? My boys love stripes too..... I think I'd like them less lurid......;-)

  5. Love the sweater. If my mom had made on of those for me, I would still have it and treasure it!
    Hey the package today!!!! Yipppeeee! Totally LUV it....and the extra sachet is so yummy smelling, and all the pretty little cards made m feel so spoiled!! THank you thank you thank is perfect. Off to put my hooks and needles in their lovely cloak! ; )

    xoxoox d

  6. Super cute! This is a favorite color combo of yours!

  7. So glad you like it Deb... I get paranoid when I send my things out into the world! Colour combo? Well it contains a lot of leftoever mustard yarn ;-)


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