Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wall Hangings



I've been having fun with fabric again, fiddling about with vintage cast-offs, trim, floss and what-have-you's and making another little wall hanging to convey a message in a granny chic manner.




Just a little love-letter to these muppets to remind them (and me) that, even though I yap and quack and snap and brandish rolling pins over my head in a threatening manner when it's all too much, that despite all my verbal angst-ridden steam-letting-off venom, I do love them very much.



And it compliments this other little wall hanging quite nicely too, I think. I'm getting quite a collection up now, aren't I? I wonder what message will be next? Perhaps, 'sit down, shut up'? Or, 'close your mouth when you chew'? Maybe, 'If mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy'?... best to keep them upbeat I think ...I'll work on it and let you know.

*** *** ***


  1. These are great, i want lots of these messages around my house someday too, homemade of course. i like homemade ones better because then at least your saying something totally relevant to you and from the heart, rather than what someone else has decided you should say, ya gets me? And im so over the keep calm and carry on (and another million ones like it) messages, arent you? It was good in the beginning, but i quickly got board. Just like with Cath K, love her stuff but way to over rated now. Il always be a florals girl though!
    Aqeela xx

  2. I like Cath K stuff in smidgens mixed with other fabrics. Nice to find the 'real thing' in a thrift shop rather than the mass produced retro thing...

  3. Love these! Wil have to make something similarish....very very cool!


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