Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Yarn Obsessions pt. 3








I'll just state for the record once again - I control the yarn; it doesn't control me. Much.

All balled up and ready to go. I love having a stash of yarn ready to knit up. Some days it's enough to make life worth living!

What are you knitting these days?

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  1. Oh! yarn obsessions are the best kind! These colours are just gorgeous!!! I'm a crocheter but after your hat posts, I've knitted up a hat! A beret! Have no idea if anyone will wear it. ButI love it!

  2. Yey! Glad to see I'm infecting the world with my yarn obsessions! ;)

  3. Currently knitting a baby cardigan for when baby jelly arrives. Am trying to use up yarn from my stash. Which means no new yarn now, but space will be made for lovely new yarns when we know which flavour we are having this time!

  4. That makes sense, although many colours can be for both... Aqua, lemon, olive, autumn colours... Jus sayin.... In case you need an excuse to buy ;)

  5. I'm still knitting a scarf for mam. The wool is so fine, it's taking ages. Like using spider webs! It's coming together nicely though. That book you gave me is really good, I'm really getting the hang of knitting now! What do you use to ball your yarn up with ?

  6. i'm at my second attempt of the popular shalom cardigan- after frogging almost three skeins of the body! putting it aside in my forgotten projects basket for almost a year made the ripping a little less painful :) love the color combination of those striped hats a few posts back!

  7. Thankyou Heather. I just grabbed what was leftover in the pile for the hats. I feel your pain with the frogging. I have just done the same with a project that I have restarted over four times. The iritating thing is the pattern is so easy! I have no idea why it's going so wrong!

    Em, I ball the yarn with a swift and wool winder. I get a lot of my yarn in hanks that it made life unbearable having to ball by hand so I treated myself to a labour saving device.

  8. I WAS working on a pair of fingerless gloves..it was going REALLY good...REALLY good. THEN, on the LAST row, before I was going to bind off, about 7 stitches slipped off of the end of my needle...Thanks to LUCY jumping up on the couch..I went to grab my knitting, but OF COURSE she landed right on top of it...Now, I am stuck. I have NO IDEA how to fix it!


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