Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Revealing All














OK so after a couple weeks unable to reveal some recent makes, I can now show some things I have been working on - a baby shower gift to a friend and neighbour :: a little newborn nightie and a crib/stroller quilt. The gift has been received and so I can now talk about them!

It's quite difficult finding colours that are gender-neutral without making the overall effect too grown up, and white and cream, let's face it, are boring. I tried to find colours that would be playful, gender-neutral, modern but still have a traditional charm.

The nightie is a soft lightweight flannel open at the bottom to aid quick nappy changes at night. I added a little cross stitch detail to personalise it and give it a traditional edge.

The crib blanket was given a modern edge in comparison and I loved playing with fabric for this and mixing it all up. The fabrics chose themselves to some degree and an orange hue seemed to come together quite naturally given that I wanted the mosque fabric definitely in. I can't remember all the prints, but I know there is the 1001 Peeps mosque fabric, some Joel Dewberry, a tad of Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt and a slice of Tufted Tweets by the inimitable Laurie Wisbrun. I'm pretty sure the black spots is Moda. But all modern and vibrant.

This was a genuinely enjoyable make. It's satisfying making handmade when you know the recipient appreciates that aesthetic.

Now all we have to do is wait for the little peanut to make an appearance to wear their new creations! ...

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  1. They are such good gifts marshAllah! The blanket is perfectly unisex, you couldnt have got it more right!
    Aqeela xx

  2. Ah jzks sis... The mummy seemed pleased so that's the man thing :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! What a lucky baby.

  4. Beautiful handmades! Loving your fabric choices, and such a sweet little cross-stitch detail on the nightie!

  5. Somehow I missed these! They are GORGEOUS!! I just love the fabric choices for the little quilt that you made, and the crosstitch accents on the sweet little nightie are perfect!! I would be overwhelmed to receive such a thoughtful gift!


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