Monday, 9 April 2012

A Room of One's Own...


















This weekend we made our way to a real life studio to help celebrate with Angela of Fenland Textiles the opening of her studio space. I met some really lovely women, creative and talented, and definitely crafty.

See those quilts? Mouth watering. See that Moda quilt? Simply stunning. It actually makes me dizzy looking at it. Was mezmerised by the quilting frame that does away with the need for a long-arm quilter (think I could stretch to having one? Would probably have to turf the kids out to fit it in the house... win win), and I got my first look at a real life Juki up close (apparently Bernina's just aren't as good and I'm trying to find a way to break this news to my machine... she'll be devasted. She's always giving it that, making out she's hot stuff, looking down on all the other models out there. And she's been trumped. She won't like it). I'm quite excited at the thought of leaving quilting up to someone else though if I want to - sticking to the patchwork piecing and letting Trudi weave her magic on her frame.

I came away feeling refreshed and just a little jealous of this space that they get to work in, to have the honour of calling their craft 'work' whilst many have to make do with it being a 'hobby'. It makes me realise how much I long to have 'a room of my own' too. And having a work niche is still a luxury, I know. But a whole room? Well, yeah. It's another one of those dreams I have. Right after 'buying the farm of my dreams' would be 'saying 'dibs' on a whole room in that farm just for me'.

And those lambs didn't help either. Farm of my dreams, studio space, lambs. In that order.

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  1. Beautiful pictures today!! I hope your dreams come true! I have told you before how SMALL my home was..For years, we were crammed in like sardines! Then, after years of planning..and saving..we enlarged it 2 years ago! It is no mansion..but, it is comfy..and I have my OWN room which I absolutely LOVE!!! I know I will never have the farm, but every day I remember how far weve come, and how lucky I am::

  2. Thank you so much for coming. It was great to finally meet you and the boys. I will see you for bunting x

  3. Thankyou michaelanne, dreams do come true, and you are so lucky having your own room. It makes such a difference to ones creativity don't you think?

    Yes bunting. Can't wait :)

  4. love that set up!! do you know what her frame is called? rather, other than the juki, what system does she use to quilt?

  5. It's a frame whereby the machine is moved over the frame, and the quilt is rolled up once each section is quilted. But you'd have to ask Trudi the ins and outs of it...


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