Monday, 7 May 2012

Bluebells and Bugs


















This time last year it was hot. Spring-like, even. We would see the sun, and rain was a rare occurence. This time last year we bluebell watched with sunhats.

Without exageration I think it has been four whole weeks since we had one day of sun. We catch it in patches. It lasts hours if we are lucky, and although we need the rain, desperately so, I still don't seem to have anymore gratitude left for it anymore. It's time Someone called off the dogs, ya know??

As such, bluebell watching this year was an altogether different experience than years gone by. We were wrapped up warmly. We saw no butterflies. We didn't see one thing basking... instead it was perfect bug finding weather. And bugs we did find... we watched in awe the amount of snails that have made their way up the tree trunks into the canopy to escape the water. I swear I heard the sound of a little saw as a snail ark was being made...

We found the lone white bluebell. We found bugs that we didn't have a name for. We found primroses. We heard the first cuckoo of the year, yes we did. And we knew it was spring.

We knew, but didn't feel, it was spring.

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  1. we are having warm days, cloudy, though and muggy - not a lot of sun (southwestern virginia). that's been my excuse not to get outside, anyway. after seeing your photos ~ i realize how much i miss it. i never regret going for a walk or hike by myself or with my kids!

  2. Yeah. Is easy not to bother when the weather is sucky, but we're always glad we made the effort no matter what the weather in the end...

  3. What a beautiful forest...the bluebells and the little treasures you discovered. I wonder if somehow the change in weather made you look at the details even more since they were fluttering all about you in plain site. And, out of the sea of blue...that single white bluebell you found!

  4. The bluebells were darker this year which was lovely. But whenever there is a pile of logs the boys always head over to them. The weather had made more critters available for bug inspection so every cloud has a silver lining...

  5. I still steadfastly maintain that May is the beginning of summer, so I'm feeling even more chilly because of that (Spring, IMHO, is a bit chilly). We've seen butterflies and sunshine but it's still mostly rain up here too and as there isn't a coat in the house that will do up over my bump I just can't go out in rain atm and stay dry.

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  7. Oh dear Nikki... but a perfect excuse to knit a poncho I think? Ironically in the Lake District where it usually rains they've had a blistering spring... remind me why I moved??

    Just a polite reminder, ireminisces that you've already said that before. I love people coming here and connecting with me, but I do dislike hit and run spamming. If all you are going to do is post an advert I will be removing posts from now on. Thanks

  8. These pictures are lovely. Did you use a filter to get those bluebell colours so vibrant? Looks like a great day out, despite the lack of sun hats. (nice wooly hats by the way )

  9. No. They really wre that exact colour!

  10. I really need some knitterly inspiration, I'm just not *feeling* it, even with a baby on the way (because conceivably how much knitting does a June baby need when they've been bought loads of clothes - there's not really anything left for me to knit save for a few blankets). Crocheting face cloths for the other children instead.

    Still, bluebells can make you smile even on the wettest of days :0)

  11. Oh dear. I get like that sometimes.... I wonder what I'll do when I have nothing left to knit?! How about a romper suit? Soakers? Well everyone needs a poncho....


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