Thursday, 31 May 2012










We are trying to find the groove again back home. We're all mooning a bit now we've seen the alternative this weekend. The midget is making plans for having lots of cats when he is older. The eldest is deciding what breed of (guard) dog he will have when he has his farm (yes, the boy who was afraid of puppies now wants a guard dog). I am deciding whether to rip carpets out in my house because I really do think bare flooring is cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing, or whether I just can't be bothered (I think 'not bothering' is going to win out). And we're all trying to get used to do-si-do-ing around each other again as we stub toes and and find room to balance things.

I'm trying to find my happy place, but the truth is I left it behind in the chicken run.

But. Onwards and upwards. We have good weather and a patch of grass. White grape juice and elderflower exist and we haven't even started on the PYO farms this year yet! Hmm.... the promise of strawberries and blueberries and some good old fashioned jam-making, trips to the beach, and possibly a visit to the Home Land might just keep us going....


  1. Rip the carpets up! We had white painted floor boards upstairs in our old house and id love to have floorboards out here too, but hubby said no :-(

  2. Awww a husband who thinks he has a say, how cute. We have a rule in this house - if you don't play the game you don't make the rules. The one who cleans the house is the one who decides how it looks. I'm queen him slug. If it wasn't going to be such a huge job I think I would just do it. Carpets stink don't they?

  3. A farm! Now you have me thinking how wonderful it would be to have acres and acres. I wonder if the Queen ever thinks how nice it would be to live in a cottage and have close neighbors. Right now I think she has quite a walk to the kitchen if she needs cake.

  4. We have the same rule in our house , or maybe it is just because I am louder.....
    (ps ripped out all our carpets and have never regretted it, but it can be rather chilly in winter...)

  5. I was wondering about that actually.... It's cold enoug in here as it is...

  6. Remeber me in your prayers and dont forget to visit ireminisces..
    Letters of disappointment may interest you debbie.

  7. LOVE these photos....grass and dandelions and wine and yarn and boys on tractors...that's what it's all about. Some of us just have smaller patches of grass than others ;) Yours will come...

  8. I do hope so (and its elderflower, honest!)


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