Thursday, 10 May 2012

You LOVE me, you *really* LOVE ME...

Well, you did it. You did what I hypnotised you into doing. I am a BIB finalist! I had no idea my powers of persuasion were that good. I think I'll set up a circus act and see if I can get grown men into mewing like kittens. No. Wait. Why would I use this power for evil? I'll hypnotise them into taking responsibility for their own failures and mistakes, to putting the toilet seat down and into cleaning the never-ending trail of human debris and detritus up after themselves.

Hm. Although miracles do take longer....


Snap Finalist

Yeah baby. YOU did that! Go YOU!! Woop!!

Anyway, it's down to the judges now... off to find out who they are so I can bribe them, hypnotise them, say 'hello'.

But thankyou for everyone who took time to vote. You're ace.

And now... I have one more request.... Loooook into my eyesssss.... you are feeeeeling sleeeeepy.... when I say the word 'blog' you will start recycling all your rubbish, buy a hybrid car, walk more often, install solar panelling, work towards world peace and the end to poverty and hunger, and reduce your carbon footprint to zerooooooo .... and then you will send your bank detaillllssss to meeeeee ....



*** *** ***


  1. !!!!! Wonderful!!!!! Loved your funny announcement here too!

  2. I agree- the announcement is funny! Well done, too, of course!


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