Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Burlap Baskets



Last week I did a little experiment, of sorts. I have learned to save energy by always testing the water with new makes in this house. Sometimes my good ideas are not so well received, or utilised in quite the way I imagined they would (or should!) be. And so, to test the waters before an onslaught of making I ran this little burlap basket up for the boys and their toys. Or to be accurate, the boys and their never-ending supply of lego.

I am reminded of Amanda's baskets which is when I think I realised that I'd rather have pretty burlap baskets than the fugly plastic crates which are currently in use in their room.

Like Amanda's this really was a straight-forward, easy make resulting in something not only pretty, but useful too. And oddly enough the boys love it. And because they love it they respect it and look after it, which is more than I can say they do with the crates currently hurled around the house with gay abandon.

So, armed with more burlap and 1001 Peeps fabric sourced for this very task, I think a couple more buckets might be making their way out of my work niche in the near future. You know, for more lego, transformers, little cars and the uber-collection of Hero Factory currently stationed under their beds.



  1. pretty! or should i say - fun! or - useful! :)
    i've been reading your blog lately.
    i love your homeschool q+a. i read. i learned. i agreed. i laughed out loud. i read most of it out loud to my husband.
    i mentioned your blog on my blog today. play along, if you like.

  2. Thankyou for those kind words, Elizabeth. And thankyou too for the mention :)

  3. mashallah it should come in very useful, love the fabric too!

  4. isn't that the penultimate muslim mama crafting fabric? my fabric store has it in every color and print. can't get enough. we need some fabric designers, or some spoonflower love;) love the bags. legos do indeed multiply....

  5. We do tend to grab whatever Muslim themed fabric we can don't we ;) nice to have something without faces all over it

  6. Love the bag with the burlap lining! I had bought the same fabric in green to make buckets for my grandson...perfect for it, I think. These would be very nice in your shop ;)

  7. Green? I have some aqua which I'm hoping the boys will approve of!

  8. masha allah this is a lovely bag.where did you get that fabric i really like it :)
    karen x

  9. 1001 peeps .... Think fabricshack.com was a long time ago


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