Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Hat Tale


I knit a hat. Nothing strange or interesting about that. I tend to knit a lot of hats, they keep the hands busy when I'm between projects.

This is yet another butterfly hat. I've made a few of these too. I like the simple pattern which gives an illusion of complexity (it really isn't, it's such an easy peasy knit).


The yarn was some handspun bought from here. It it quite a heavy yarn. Feels very insulating. But there was something niggling me throughout the whole process... I couldn't quite put my finger on it.... something about this hat....



Oh Yeah... it appears I've knit it before. Granted, it's not the same yarn. But it IS the same colour and the same pattern! You'd think I'd have remembered that....

You've got to say I'm consistent in my yarn loves. And the bonus is I have two noggins that will fill these hats nicely. And it will be all matchy matchy. Sweet.


  1. It's so funny when that happens....when you see that perfect yarn, the yarn you can't live without ...only to go back home a realise you already had it before!

  2. I'm not fickle that's for sure.


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