Thursday, 12 July 2012

And Just Like That...







Well, would you look at that! I think that's what they call 'spinning'. Yes. On a wheel! I had almost given up hope. I had almost consigned the wheel to being a plant holder. But here we are...

You will remember my Pinky Promise not so very long ago? You will recall my defeat in going back to the drop spindle convinced I was one of the chosen few who would never 'get' spinning? You can't have forgotten how tired of the drop spindle I was getting?

A few nights ago, met with a sheep's worth of fleece waiting for my arm to stop aching so I could spin it, I decided it was now time to face the wheel head on and stop being such a sissy about it. And what can I say? Just like that, the penny dropped. It happened. It worked. I was spinning, and all of a sudden it was easy, it was fun - it was relaxing!! Just like that.

And that stuff at the end of it? I think they call it 'yarn'. Yes, I could get used to this...


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