Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Applied Yarn







The witchcraft has begun. This ability to transmute fluff into wearable, necessary, life saving clothes has begun to trickle through the spinning-to-needle process and we have a result. We have ... a hat.



People, I feel like a boss. I have found how to turn mud into gold. In primitive societies I would be a priestess now... along with the guy who learned how to make fire by rubbing two sticks together. Stories should be written about me and I should go down in folklore like Rumpelstiltskin... because, dude, I can turn fluff into solid cloth. Hear. Me. Roar.

Yes, I am rather happy about this amazing transformation of myself from a consumer to producer of yarn.

Now all I have to do is practice until the yarn is a consistent thickness, learn how to dye, buy some sheep, buy the farm to put the sheep in, learn how to be a sheep farmer, learn how to shear and card and .... I can knit more hats.




  1. Your spinning, plying and knitting look lovely.

  2. Thankyou Linda. I'm enjoying the process very much indeed!

  3. I love this Debbie. What an incredible skill to possess.

  4. Thankyou val. I do feel fortunate to have 'got it' now....

  5. This is fantastic! I've been having a good read throughout your blog and I'm fascinated by this amazing spinning and the beautiful knitting you do. I'm a crocheter - I keep meaning to learn to knit because it seems so much more versatile. Had a laugh about your comment re 'might as well move to Australia'... it does feel like the ends of the earth here ;) Anyway, lovely to discover your blog. Kx

  6. No I didn't mean because australia is the ends of the earth. I meant because its winter there now and the fast will be at least ten hours shorter! Glad you found me too. Yes, learn to knit, you'll be glad you did ;) xx

  7. What a wonderful post! I love how you show us the whole process. Thanks! Love the hat too! Thank you for sharing your post with our readers on Bonbon Break!!


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