Monday, 9 July 2012









I know. This blog has been rather yarn and fibre intensively recently. I apologise, I really do. If you are not a spinner, or knitter or yarn crack addict then this place is a crafting wilderness right now. I am attempting to rectify this sad state of affairs (even though I think I my spinning addiction is quickly surpassing my knitting addiction... yelp), and so to counter-balance the fibre, here is another craze of mine right now.

Hexagons - paper piecing and using some rather old fabric from the scrap bin, hours can go by as I pile up the little hexes ready to be pieced together.

There isn't really a grand plan for these pieces. I have no idea what they will become. I do know they will be pretty no matter what I do with them. I rather think I can see them as applique pieces for bags or blankets or some such fancy.

I have, in the past, had this addiction before. And such was its all-encompassing madness I had to step back for awhile. In the end I made a rather pretty table-runner with the last lot. I don't really know where this current craze is going. But it's so soothing, and mindless, and pretty, it could go on and on....

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