Monday, 6 August 2012

In the Stash





One of the side effects, so to speak, of me learning to spin (and practicing so much), is that I am steadily accruing skeins of yarn, just for the stash.

It tickles me no end to see these skeins and hanks of yarn sitting there, waiting for a project to take my fancy. I don't know why, but it does. It feels quite satisfying to see a few balls of yarn just sitting. It's like putting by, but in yarn. It appeals the part of my brain that feels the need to stock up and have enough to get by.

If ever I can't get to the shops, my family need not panic. I have yarn. We're OK.


  1. always good to be prepared in the yarn department!
    still hoping that i can add to your wonderful stash, but weather has been so wet that sheep are yet to dry out enough for me to hand shear them.
    would bring them in for a few days but they are pretty feral and i think it will stress them too much - will have to resort to this option soon though or they will start to grow next winter fleece.
    will shout as soon as i have your fleece ready x
    have a super week - all of you
    t x

  2. Thankyou! Can't wait. And am in awe of your talent of being able to hand shear!

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