Monday, 13 August 2012

The Garden







No vegetables this year. Just an overgrown mess with a few blooms ripe for brightening up the house.

To be fair, it has rained constantly since the beginning of April here, and I just didn't fancy gardening in the driving rain, y' know? No matter. The sun has made it through for a while and we're just happy that it has - so no major garden projects this year - just a whole lot of grass to lay out on and doze... perfect.

What is your garden growing this year?


  1. very little... I was'nt organised and odd weather conditions threw me! Atm were picking blackberries and a few apples, there may be a few potatoes too but not much else!

  2. My garden has been just like yours this year, too much rain for all of my plans, all we've managed other than flowers is a few tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and soon apples, damsons, and blackberries. Still sounds like a lot but none are really down to my own efforts, they have just not minded the neglect. Insha'Allah next year will be more successful!
    Aqeela xx

  3. We're all in the same boat this year then. I like vege that doesn't mind a bit of's a good job we dont need to live off the land then innit! we'd be fasting through winter too :s

  4. Grass and weeds. We tried to grow some vegetables. They mostly drowned, apart from the peas, the peas were very happy.

    We've planted some more coriander and salad recently in the hopes that it fares better, but tbh, I pretty much give up this year (although I worry about food prices after the weather we've had). It's looking like we're going to have to move *again* in January, so I'm a bit fed up and wondering what the point is in trying to do anything new in a garden that would need work to grow veg in (full of stones, etc).

    It's hard not to feel a bit fed up - made homeless in June 2011, moved again just over 6 months later and now another move - prayers welcome that the next move will be one to somewhere we can stay peaceably, grow veg and keep some ducks for a while!

  5. Amin. Praying for some good fortune for you and your family xx

  6. Hello! I'm looking forward to following your homestaying adventures. I already like your photo style. :)

  7. Well Thankyou Jodi. Glad you found us! :)


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