Thursday, 25 October 2012

In Need of a Sweater





I knit this sweater, for the midget, way back at the start of summer when we were out of town at my mother's house. I didn't use a pattern, just increased shoulder stitches as I went along until it was time to separate arms from the body (said the voodoo priest to his acolyte), and it was a bit measure-it-against-the-midget-as-you-go-along type thing.

But now here we are at the tail end of October and this sweater is actually needed. Fancy that. So I feel a bit ahead of the game with the handknits this year. Of course, the eldest wants his version too, DH is hinting he wouldn't mind a sweater ifyoudontmind and thankyouverymuch and I'm itching to get some more Quince&Co and find another project to keep me entertained in front of the fire for the coming season. And so, in our own ways, we need a sweater - them for warmth, and me for sheer entertainment...


  1. I am in AWE that you could KNIT a SWEATER without a pattern!!!! I am SO glad that I have been slowly learning this craft, for it certainly is entertaining...I dont mind football season a bit now:)

  2. I think once you've knit enough sweaters from patterns you eventually have a clue how to wing it. Yes, it makes boring TV bearable!


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