Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lest We Forget - a message to the Muslims

Today in the UK it is Remembrance Sunday. Every year on the Sunday nearest to the 11th November wreathes are laid at cenotaphs and memorials up and down Britain, and people, wearing their poppy with pride, reflect quietly, with dignity, those brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, who have given their lives, to defend us.

We remember the inhumane slaughter of WWI. We remember the valiant struggle of WWII. We remember those lives lost needlessly in Ireland, the Falklands, Iraq, Kuwait, and yes, Afghanistan and other places. Too many young lives taken, used now as mercenaries for the oil companies, duped into a life of a 'hero'. But genuine heroes, who had no choice but conscripted to defend our country, still live. They have been neglected and forgotten by their country and are forced to eek out miserable lives on pittance, relying on charity and selling their medals to get by.

Whatever your belief about war, and about the aggressive invasion of allied forces in central Asia and the middle east, those old heroes deserve our gratitude.

Today we remembered those who stood up and kept Britain free - our grandfathers who came home with tales to tell, and tales they could never tell. We reflected on the rights we take for granted which were defended to the death by those who's entire lives were defined by war. We remember those men and women who took it upon themselves to step up and do our fighting for us, who keep Britain a force to be reckoned with.

What makes me sick to my stomach is people who, taking the freedom provided by these heroes, make it their business to turn up at remembrance days shouting vile slogans and upsetting the peace. So-called Muslims who shout from the roof tops for Shariah law in Britain, who disrespect the proceedings, who turn a day of reflection into a political rally. To those angry young men ::

~ you are free to have your opinions because men and women whom you seem to hate have laid their life on the line to give you that freedom. A dog would not bite the hand that feeds it, so why do you sink lower than an animal and bite the hand that keeps you free?

~ the Qur'an orders you to lower your voice, and do be like those who bray like an ass. Muhammad (Saw) never raised his voice - and when he caught people doing so would say, 'lower your voice, you are not calling on a deaf Lord'. Where then do you get the permission to shout and be vile given that Allah and His messenger have forbidden it?

~ Islam does not accept machiavellian principles. Never has, never will. The ends do not justify the means. No way. Either BE a muslim or get out. If you want people to become Muslim, then start with yourself! Hypocrite! You bray like asses without any dignity or beauty - you bring utter shame on the rest of the ummah until the kufar begin to think it is the fault of our prophet. You humiliate yourself, but more, as ambassadors, you humiliate your Rabb. Shame on you.

~ if this country is soooo bad - why are you here? Leave. Find your tribe of angry young men and do what it is you're good at. The whole of the "muslim" world is full of screwed up tribal idiots braying like asses - take your pick. Oh wait, they don't have free health care, education or dole money... guess you like it here more than you think, right? If the West is so bad, put your money where your mouth is and just leave. You'll be back.

~ you love shouting and protesting. Goto another land and see what happens when you protest there - not only will you actually have something TO protest, but you'll see where your delusions of importance get you if you tried to do there what we let you do here.

~ you do NOT represent Islam. You do NOT represent Muslims. You are frustrated, angry young men with no power and no future who have nothing to offer except hatred, and a voice like a demented donkey. If you had anything else in your life you would be doing it, but you don't. You are sad and angry and lonely, and probably unmarried and certainly on your way to divorce if not. Get. A. Life. DO SOMETHING positive with your life. I don't know - how about - practice Islam properly and get some peace. But do NOT take it upon yourself to talk for me or my friends, or the rest of the ummah. You are lame no-hopers. If you only had half the grit and courage of true heroes who you lament, you would be somebody.

I love being a Muslim, I am more than proud (and utterly thankful) that I am British. I won't have either spoiled for me.


  1. Way to bravely toe the line that divides a convert's identity. That's never easily accomplished is it? Well done from a fellow daughter of WW2 veterans who now thanks to that sacrifice can don a headscarf and pray in the middle of LA...

  2. Absolutely. We are free to practice our faith because we were free first to choose! And with that freedom comes great responsibility! xx

  3. I love being Muslim and I love being British and totally agree with your post!

  4. Good! Now maybe if people like you and me start standing up and putting the idiots in their place perhaps people will see them for what they are - not typical Muslims.

  5. Well said Debbie. I am not a muslim (as you know), but well said. x

  6. thankyou for that, and can I apologise that we christians have just the same mirror image bands of lazy, ungrateful angry young men, remember last years most famous photo?

  7. There's good and bad everywhere, isn't there. It's just when we let no hopers do the talking we get dragged down to their level.

  8. I have to say that I both agree and disagree with some points in this post....first I would like to say I am British and very proud to be, I have great respect for the people who fought for us both during WW1 and WW11...they were in fact brave people and seeming as I had members of family fight during those wars I can not help but read about it with a huge sense of pride! pride ends there i'm afraid to say...I am a born muslim of Irish Arab blood so as you can see I have two very good reason to disagree here...

    Yes I am british and as I already said very proud of it too...however above anything else I am muslim and so as a member of this ummah I can not and will not stand up for those who have taken part in any war that involves the killing of other members of my brothers and sisters in islam who have done nothing wrong to anyone other then just being muslim!

    what do i I say yes I'm british therefor I will stand up and be proud of and for all members of the british army....I had blood relatives die in both Ireland
    and the Gulf and at the hand of the british I turn my back at I shake the hands of the people that killed them???

    as i said and will always say....i'm proud to be british and always will be....however I would be hard pushed to find any hero nowadays.....I just can't not when they are killing my muslim brothers and sisters...babies children the old and the's just wrong.

    That's not to say I would jump on their graves and sing songs to mock them ....I'm muslim and am told to behave with respect and modesty and all times....I respect the dead...even if I don't respect the people for what they did!

    and as for packing and getting bags were packet a very long time ago....I now live in algeria...because although I am arab I don't look it....I look very british...and just because i'm muslim I get spat at called name sworn at and abused whenever I left my home....just because I believe in god and I'm modest enough not to show my whole body whenever I leave my home...sad to have to leave your county and the hands of the kufar that I am told by many members of the muslim ummah in britain to respect and remember each year..

    I have had family members die...killed in cold blood...not by people who are trying to ''defend'' Britain but by those who think they have a damned right to go in to someones life and kill people when all my brothers and sisters are trying to do is LIVE!...maybe we should all live in their shoes for a day...carry their dead visit their graves give them respect....maybe just maybe we should stand up for them and write blog posts for them...maybe then we might actually have an ummah to be proud of!
    death and a very small price to pay for killing people for no good reason other then the fact that they can....don't play with fire if you don't want to get burnt....that's what one of our British ''heroes'' said before going in to iraq...someone to be proud of i suppose!

  9. Well I don't agree with the current wave of invasion. As far as I'm concerned everything since 9/11 is simply assassination and soldiers now are mercenaries. As such I can't be proud when soldiers return from Afghanistan and give them a heroes welcome. They aren't heroes in the true sense of the word. A a Briton I am appalled and when we walked past tony Blair saying 'not in our name' we meant it. As a Muslim neither can I condone the modern incursions and nor could I in good conscience allow my children to enter the army here given that in all probability they would be asked to kill brothers and sisters. I agree with you 100%. But those who had no choice, those conscripted and forced to fight, those theat defended our count deserve our thanks and respect. If you don't respect then by all means stay at home. But what I will not tolerate as a Muslim is other Muslims showing me up in public. But at the same time we shouldn't be under the warped impression that without western invasion these countries would somehow be a utopia of unbearable bliss. Afghanistan has been constantly at war with someone for the vast majority of its existence.

  10. I get spat at too, but perhaps that is because we Muslims have got a reputation due to the actions of angry vile donkey voiced men, and we have been tarred by that brush. If you left to get away from racism then that is one thing, if Muslims are here and hating the way we do things that is another it is they that should leave and find their perfect vision of utopia elsewhere. It's a big world.


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