Tuesday, 13 November 2012






The obsession continues...


  1. omygoash i havent been here in forever. and im trying now and realize the font looks like my old favorite, "curier" or however u spell it.

    I have had many interests/hobbies most my life and developed a nitch as i got older and i am interested in the same, crafts, homeschooling and homesteading. I love bloggin but never seem to find the time.

    Maa shaa Allah your site has gotten even better, i love the pics so real and explanatory. I much prefer steps and directions.
    I just wanted to let you know someone out theres readin this and it makes me happy happy and im not a yellow type of person ;) more like black is my favorite color. or the absence thereof. lol. inshAllah im def gonna look over all i missed and find out if u got out your small house. But its quaint, + u can homestead, yesss?

    i myself am frustrated bc cant stand my landlord but i have to admit my house and land are perfect for what i want to do; gardening, livestock/pets, crafts/tie dye, indigo etc. sigh. alhamdulilah i have a house. well sis, this turned into a novel sorry thats what happens when i'm sleep deprived :D
    PLEASE keep up the good work.
    and that wallpaper backround totally takes me back to my childhood of the 70's...lol

  2. ok so i just realized i meant to post this comment on your previous post sewing with your kids lol

  3. Thankyou for all that love! Glad to know someone is reading this ;)

  4. i adore how your kids are able to pursue their obsessions... that's the best part about schooling at home. bravo.

  5. Yeah, now if only they'd remember punctuation and spelling we'd get somewhere! ;)


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