Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Surviving November




I think you all know how much I hate Winter. I struggle to find the beauty in it, especially as it seems to come with so much illness attached. I'm completely in favour of decimalising the year and getting rid of November and February altogether.

I am determined, however, that I will learn to find a way to love Winter before I die. For with every disease there is a cure, right? There has to be a way of not only surviving but thriving in these bleak months.

So, starting today I am finding ways to love Winter - with maybe some 'winter wellness' posts thrown in here and there.

First up :: rearranging the furniture. Yep. I shift things round not only when I'm bored but when the seasons change. It's not a ritual, but a genuine attempt at keeping warm and cosy - I turn furniture away from the windows (which provides so much light and warmth the rest of the year), give the radiator room to breath and face the (fake) fire. I give the babes space in front of the fire to spread out and get cosy.

It's funny, but shifting the focus from the horizon outside the windows to the centre of the room seems to re-orientate the psyche too. The mental shift, the hibernation call, seems to settle down something in us that constantly wants to find the adventure outside into seeking the comfort inside.

Despite my hatred of winter, I do love me some cosy. It's a start.


  1. And a good start indeed! What a lovely, cozy spot for you and your loved ones to cherish. I would love to come over and read some books to the boys, drink some tea with you.. ~x

  2. And indeed we would love to have you

  3. Such pretty photos, the first one especially! Cosy tines ahead. And no humphing logs in!

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  5. What is that book? Love the illustration! Beautiful photos Deb..My house, I cant really rearrange..it is all one open space..It is one of the things that I definitely DONT love about my home..But, that said, I am fortunate, to be WARM..and we are cozy..Our winters are long..and brutal amounts of snow! I have always tried to busy myself with crafts..and cooking..and reading...I really NEED to incorporate more exercise as I think that is VERY important too..Just such a struggle to get off the warm couch!!! LOVE your pics today...

  6. 'Around the Year' by Elsa Beskow. I find rearranging hard due to awkward corners and not much space, but sometimes shifting one or two things helps. Exercise! Yes! Really need to get proactive in that department...

  7. Thanks Deb:) Going to have to add that one to our collection...As Zach grows, I find I AM MISSING the little kid books!!!! I need them more than him:) You should be getting a little package any day now...XXOO


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