Thursday, 8 November 2012

When Obsession Strikes














There's no rhyme or reason to where these interests come from. One day they are solidly into Lego, the next Transformers, the next electronic circuit boards, the next watercolours. Last week, for one solid week, it was planets. They got up one day and were into planets *shrugs*.

And without me intervening, or indeed allowed to help, they read, watched, made and talked all things planets. They have their eyes on a paper mache solar system hanging from their ceiling (although not accurate distances, mummy, because otherwise Neptune would have to be in the car park) and my role in all this, as it has always been, is facilitator. I'm the one who ensures the resources, the space, the tweaking of direction, the provider of snacks.

There is a saying that all homeschoolers love to quote which is that "education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire". I admit, some days even filling a bucket is beyond me, and I stand in the middle of chaos wondering if my children will ever be employable. But on others, when things come together just so, it is no more than seeing the blue touch-paper sparked off and sitting back and watching the show. And it is on those days I feel privileged to be allowed to be the one who helps it come together.

I have no idea what their next obsession will be, but I *do* know that I am going to enjoy the show...


  1. mashallah looks like they had great fun....I was home-educated as a child while I was still living in the uk...but since moving to Algeria all my brothers and sisters are now going to school...and I have to say that looking at the way they are being taught compared to the way I was by my own's not as rich.
    miss home ed to be honest!

  2. Glad to hear you had a positive experience. I suppose one drawback of home ed is that they'll never really appreciate what they've got in comparison to school. Nice to hear someone who's been through it say good things!!

  3. for me I really enjoyed being able to learn the things I wanted to...and mashallah i got my GCSE's to prove that it works....all my friends were home educated and got all their exams too and are now in fact going to uni!

    for me there was nothing better then being taught by my mother and for the only other student's to be my brothers and sisters...of which there are you can well imagine how busy she was subhanallah.

    I used to love it during the winter, when every child in my street used to walk past our window in the rain while I was doing my homework...although maybe i should not admit to i'm 21 and really do feel I had the best start in life...and you mum should be given an award for doing what you do!

  4. Well I pray your mother gets her reward. I think part of it is seeing you turn out so well, and the other half will hopefully be in akhira. amin.

  5. I admire ALL homeschoolers...I am sure it is tedious and mundane at times..but when they GET something..and REALLY love it! Wow...I am sure that is a fantastic site to behold..You deserve a medal:) XXXOOO

  6. I don't know about a medal... valium maybe... ;)

  7. Valium, hehehe. This is my first time commenting, i like reading your blog and have been inspired by you and soulemama into knitting. I have a 22 month and a 4 year old who was really into planets and space. We made a Hubble telescope and a rocket and played with the planets models after failing to successfully hang them from the ceiling. Is that Plasticine they are making planets out from? The younger one is obsessed with fire trucks and climbs up the window sill to look at the fire trucks passing by and shows me fire extinguishers every where at all times! When i first decided to HS, i stumbled upon your other HS blog, not sure how i found this one though. I pray that Allah Taala creates ease for you in all matters.

  8. Salam, shukran! Yes both mine used to be obsessed about fire trucks. They still have a bit of a thing for them, they are boys after all... bin men used to be their heroes when they were really little *rolls eyes*. Ah, glad to hear you have found the love of knitting too. It's a lovely feeling to know your babes are warm with something you've made.

  9. Amazing and home edding at it's utter best. x

  10. When it works you feel a foot taller, don't you?

  11. I love the courage of the facilitating homeschool mom and I wish I had the tenacity to homeschool farther in that direction. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your blog!

  12. Thankyou for your kind words. The days are long but the years are short so we do what we can, don't we? Xx


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