Monday, 10 December 2012

Model Behaviour


A while ago the eldest was generously gifted a model Spitfire plane to build and paint, by a fellow model maker. It was such a thoughtful gift, and we have constantly talked about the gift-givers in glowing terms whenever we remember them.

Little did we know (although I had a hunch) what an obsession this would kindle. Oh my. Just like his grandfather before him, the big boy is getting steadily into model making and painting. And he has dragged the midget into this crafting craze too. Demented that he 'didn't have a model of his own, mummmmmmmmmmy', we recently made the effort to let him choose his own. He chose a B2 bomber, which they've seen in real life at the Duxford Air Museum, and of course the eldest wanted a new one too. To add to the steadily growing collection.


(This isn't them all)

Right now the eldest is flicking through a model railway magazine and watching the Discovery Channel offerings on YouTube about the Top Ten military everythings at the same time. Military books lie open everywhere. World War I and II facts are being rattled off, the terms 'Pegasus' and 'missiles' and 'fire and forget hellfire' and 'personnel carriers' are slowly being rattled off ('no you can't have a tank for Eid'), and my ears are bleeding.

But more than that? Well, I think we've found a crafting niche that is all their own...

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