Saturday, 26 January 2013

Reflections on That Was the Week That Was

I have kept a blog, in one form or another, for ten years now. A couple of the early ones I deleted, some others I've made private, but the public blogs can still be accessed and they date from about 2005.

Sometimes I almost feel like giving it all up, hitting delete and forgetting all about it. The reason why I don't? Well, because when I have a wander down memory lane down some of those old blogs old memories come flooding back in clear detail. Things which were once my everyday norm and are now forgotten come rushing back to meet me like a long, lost friend. They makes me smile. They give me perspective: why did I stress so much about x,y,z - hindsight is a wonderful thing, and makes me realise that this too will pass. Whatever is the issue right now, one day it will be a forgotten memory. It's true. That never-ending fight with keeping clothes on the midget? Forgotten - until I read a blog about it. Their obsession with sweeping the back garden? Ditto. The noise the eldest made none-stop til my ears bled? Completely rendered unimportant for the memory banks (thankyou YouTube for allowing embedding in blogs).

And I don't want to forget. Childhood goes so quickly and I want to have something to remember.

The other reason I keep at it? Well, you. I know it's cheesy, but I've found some amazing friends in this space that I would never have met in real life, and being very much a SAHM and a homeschooling one at that, life can get pretty lonely sometimes. Coming to this space gives me perspective and let's me add beauty to my world.

I've intentionally made this space an image-intensive blog, because that's how I like to express myself. I find visual expression much more 'me' than the written word. But sometimes making myself write something longer than a blog post can be good for the old grey cells, you know? And this might break a record for the longest introduction to a blog post about a blog post, but basically I think what I'm saying is - sometimes, for the sake of memory-making and brain-usage, I will actually write a post with no images. It goes against my grain, but I will give it a go. And I thought I could do this by including every so often (maybe every weekend, who knows) a round up of where we're at. The stuff we've done, the things we've said, the little things that drive me crazy and maybe something other than crafting.

I've tried this before. I'm not sure how long it will last. Bear with me?

*** *** ***

So this week. The midget has been ill. Again. He's always the first to catch anything going around. I do worry about him. Not sure if his immune system could use a boost or he should just wash his hands more...

Conversely we've missed a couple classes adding to the feeling that I never get out. Although, to be fair, this is bothering me less than it used to when they were younger.

Currently munching through half a sheep's worth of fleece on the spinning wheel. I do so love that thing, and the space it creates in my head when I sit to spin. You thought knitting was meditative - learn to spin - you'll reach black belt in zen in no time. It's like going for a walk in the forest in your head. Inhale, spin, exhaaaaaale. Ahhh. And at the end of it - yarn! Win-win.

And in between lesson planning, cleaning the never-ending detritus up from human sloth, and worrying about various non-controllable things, I'm also finding time to plan a project which makes me happy, nervous, tired, and worried in equal measure. All I have to do is be 100% perfect 100% of the time and maybe everything will be OK.


  1. Well I for one am glad you're not giving up. My kids are grown now but as an ex homeschooling SAHM who knits (and would love to spin) I just wish that blogs had been around when my lot were small, for the creative outlet and the online frienships they provide. I only found you here quite recently but I love what you share in this space, pictures or no pictures, just saying :)

  2. Ah, thankyou Annie. I have chopped and changed blogs a lot over the years. I'll stay put ;)

  3. Amen to what Annie said. Your blog gives light to my life. Thank you for that. And BTW, I loved the Narnia post. So glad someone else loves the snow as much as I do.
    So glad I know you, Debbie-kins. You are an inspiration!
    (ya, I have even started knitting, the crafty challenged Deb that I am. I know one stitch. ; ) )
    Love ya kiddo.

  4. Ah, thankyou Deb :) what a nice comment to read first thing in the morning

  5. Yours is one of the blogs I've followed over the years (albeit sporadically because there was a period of no internet when I was really broke and stuff like that).

    I keep a written (paper) journal, sporadically, admittedly, but there is a very big difference between what I write in that and what I write online (or rather don't write online because I don't blog very often and when I do it tends to be photos and notes). I have wondered about writing more - typing up the sort of stream of conciousness that is actually more *me* - not that the photos and stuff aren't me, but ykwim?)

    I think the rambly point I'm trying to get to is that when you write more it gives more of a window into another aspect of you - and I, for one, enjoy what you have to say :)

    (sorry if the comment's a bit clunky - Anna threw up all over me in the middle of it and then my daughter started asking what various components she could use to make an omelette *sigh*)

  6. Ah thanks Nikki. It's a fine balance, especially online when there are issues with security etc. But I think maybe once a week rambling might just be good for the memory banks in future years... omelet and vomit.... mmmm


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