Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Cunning Plan

Just arrived. I guess the new quilt is ON. #greyandmustard #nevergetsold


I have a plan. A cunning plan.

On a spur-of-the-moment hit-and-run fabric stash building recce I made the momentous decision that I wanted to make another quilt for our bed in something other than vintage fabric. Not that I don't love vintage fabric - oh no - my love is well documented... my no-quilt quilt was 100% vintage fabric. As was the "mellow yellow" throw for the bed made some years prior. I love vintage fabrics, and I even have an idea for a log cabin quilt in them at some point in the future, but the need for something clean and fresh was calling me.

So. Grey and mustard with square it was - it appeals to the mid-century modern gal in me. And a change is good, isn't it? And an excuse to buy fabric? Well, we could all use one of those, surely?

I will hopefully add updates if and when I actually start into the piecing.


  1. Great fabrics and very 'you'. I'm liking the random pattern you've drawn up to :)
    I think I need an excuse to buy a long arm sewing machine before I need an excuse to buy more fabric!

  2. I wouldn't have space for one even if I could afford one! Although I do know someone WITH a version of one - although she has a frame and an ordinary Juki - very posh.


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