Monday, 4 February 2013

He Shoots! He Scores!








Every so often the midget snaffles my camera, and thus begins a solid half hour (at least) photo shoot. He's very careful, he knows the lens is king, he's learned the basics of good light, and I enjoy watching him get absorbed in the process. He'll talk to himself as he shoots - "Ooh, that's a good one", "yes! I like it!", "Wow, mummy is going to LOVE this one" - and I love to hear this chatter and the thought-process verbatim.

And I do so love scrolling through his shots (and the eldest's, as he comes in and joins the fun too), seeing what he finds interesting to shoot. And sometimes, well sometimes we get a forehead shot or some little feet poking out - love those - cheeky little monkey glimpses.


Now, if I could have my camera back?

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