Saturday, 2 February 2013

That Was The Week That Was

We've been dreaming big here this week. Old dreams dusted off and some 'if onlys' and 'maybes' and 'insha'allahs' playing on my little ones' lips. Gently reminded them that dreams should never rule us so much that they eclipse all else and break us if they shatter. But still. Need to dig out the old Rudyard Kipling 'If' poem and go through that with them.

Classes were resumed this week; the weather is almost spring-like, and the midget has taken to declare he LOVES sunlight, and how it puts him in SUCH a good mood, and when exactly IS summer, please?

A thrifting adventure saw me return home with a bookcase full of books for the professor and some new games. All are currently scattered over the sitting room floor. Mapominoes already a new favourite. The rules read like a dictionary, but play is fun and educational! Dug out our old Montessori jigsaw of Europe and let them pootle with that - easy for them now.

Finally started the Latin course we should have started weeeeeeeks ago. We're only on the alphabet and they're feeling quite smug about how easy it is. I never had the opportunity to study Latin or Greek; our school just wasn't that posh, and, well, you don't Latin to sign on in our town, so I'm learning at the same time. Language has never been my bag, but grammar interests me.

Finished knitting a cowl and have nothing on the sticks! I have had a bit of woodcutting renewal this week and I'm wondering what on earth possessed me to make a woodcut on a block so big... lesson learned. Only small blocks from now on. Maybe one day this month I might even get to print with one of them... not holding my breath.

How was your week?

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