Sunday, 24 February 2013

That Was The Week That Was

This week has flown by fairly quickly. More than usual. Gave the boys a haircut because they looked like they were wearing furry crash helmets, which induced a fair amount of sourness on their behalf. But at least they look human now. Sort of. I mean, if you regard the Mitchell brother characters off Eastenders as vaguely human-looking.

Started a new nature studies book; nice easy level and they both enjoyed it at their own pace. Started with spiders. Eldest knows the seven parts of a spider's leg (no, he doesn't he's just informed me, just the patella, femur and tibia and the rest is a blank. Great.), whilst the midget knows the basics - leg, eye, spinneret etc. Although they both call the cephalathorax 'parasaurolophus' for some reason *shrugs*.

Bought the boys their first Lego technic thing this week. Just because. It's educational so I don't feel remotely guilty. They spent hours putting their respective things together. Midget did his with minimal help which I am very impressed with - able to follow complicated diagrams and sticking with it without a break until it was completed. Now they have two pull-back cars and have designed various ramps and things to test against each other. These bricks don't fall apart on impact, which makes me wonder why all Lego can't be like this.

I have been knitting up a storm with my new balled-up yarn (the sass did not continue into the knitting process, so I have forgiven the mardy skein). Hopefully will have something to show for it soon.

And I am ill. Again. Just a chest infection which I hope will sort itself out, but I'm feeling rather tired and run down. Now I will spend the rest of the day planning work for the boys, ferrying them to art class and maybe roasting a chicken.

Or I might just go back to bed.


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