Tuesday, 19 February 2013

When Swifts Turn Evil


I have a love-hate relationship with this swift of mine. When things go as they should my life is quite happy. Yarn is wound in minutes and life goes on. And 9 times out of 10 things go very well indeed.

But when it goes wrong... dear Lord, what a sour-filled half hour can invade my day. The thoughts of pure evil I would like to inflict on this contraption. How I would love to pound it senselessly into the floor, jump and down on it and then fling it, with every ounce of fury I possess, out of the window into the world beyond.

But of course I don't. Because swifts cost money and it is illegal to hurl metal objects at unsuspecting citizens in this city. No, I simply make a gutteral 'Ug' noise and start the process of untangling.

I will only forgive this skein of yarn if it knits up well... some hanks are so mardy that they carry on their sass right through the process, and it's one problem after another.

I'm keeping my eye on this one...

{Can you spot the rogue ball...}



  1. Yarn with character ... what's not to like? ;)

    Seriously, I feel your pain, to the extent that lately I've been hand winding a lot of my skeins ... half an hour with the skein looped around something stable, round and round and round ... it's very meditative :)

  2. If it's chunky yarn I do tend to just do it by hand these days - but five hanks of over 120 yards each would take way too long. I used to love my swift...

  3. I dont have a swift...my friend does, and occasionally, she winds some yarn for me:) Which I truly appreciate, because my curse word vocabulary is growing quite large when I try to hand wind!!! Frustrations!!!! Taking away from my knitting time! I have 10 rows left on my shalom sweater!!! Yeah:) Coming off of the needles today..and, Debbie..if it is REALLY spring, can you box some up and mail it my way...forecast is for 6-12 inches of snow, followed by freezing rain! ugh...should make for a fun ride to work tomorrow! But, for today, I will sit, and knit..and not WIND:)

  4. I maybe being a little optimistic on the weather front - we might be getting snow next week and temperatures below freezing at night, but this is Britain after all - seasons are all up for negotiation!

  5. made me chuckle.....that is just the reason I now wind all my yarn by hand!!!

  6. I tell ya, if I hadn't had over 600 yards to wind, I would've done it by hand also!


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